Why do I work for Davis Health System?

-Some insight from a few of our providers-

"In a recent provider satisfaction poll, one theme that came up over and over was in answer to a question about the most satisfying part of the provider's jobs.  The overwhelming answer was the positive collegial atmosphere.  Our providers work very well together and support each other very well.  No one is too busy to answer a question or curbside on a case if needed.

Elkins is a tight knit community with a lot to offer children.  There is a vibrant arts community, a Montessori early learning center, and a host of team sports both in and out of school.  We enjoy living the country life on our hobby farm - fishing, hunting, and hiking with the kids, while still being only 3 hours from major metropolitan areas.  We have joined the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, which has allowed us to live the best of both lives."

- Catherine "Mindy" Chua, 


Chief Medical Officer

"As someone born and raised in Elkins, I take great pride in knowing that I work for our community hospital. I get to see people that I went to school with expand their families. I get to care for the children of former teachers and coaches, as they become grandparents. Witnessing the best moments of people's lives, and being the strength during the difficult times, is why I went to nursing school. Giving back to the community that raised me, that is the biggest cherry on top."


- Ciera James RNC-OB, BSN

"I've always said I work hard for my administration because they work hard for me.  I have always felt supported and encouraged by our administration and appreciate how they involve med staff in decision making."

- Amanda Pennington, MD

"There are many attributes to attract one to this community - the outdoors, hiking, camping, rafting, climbing, skiing, festivals, art, culture & music.

Davis offers an environment to take care of the full spectrum of healthcare.  We have the capacity to grow and adapt to new situations and needs for our community.  We are truly bringing the Gold Standard of care to our region."

- Garrett Butler, MD

As a small child growing up in this community, I remember the fantastic medical care my father received after a horrific coal truck accident. From the first responders at the accident scene to the nurses and doctors at the hospital, the care that I witnessed my father receiving during that time inspired me to become a nurse. God has given me a talent to use and has opened a door to allow me to return that care back to my community. Davis Medical Center has not only given me that opportunity to provide that care, it has given me the tools, resources, experience, and encouragement to excel in my career.

Celeste Duckworth RN, BSN